Learning by Intercultural Cooking /  An adult learning Erasmus+ KA2 project
About The project
The education of adults and migrant people or those who have escaped from their countries seeking refuge or asylum is a challenge for teachers, who have to find motivating and attractive ways to present the contents proposed by the basic curriculum. Our project solves this problem by creating a e-book of 65 recipes from the world that actually hides an innovative teaching material to work on basic competences in the fields of mathematics, science, history, geography, culture and ICT, while cooking recipes of the world.

This project is developed with partners from Turkey, Germany, Estonia and Spain, four corners of Europe that provide a social and cultural diversity that enriches our gastronomic proposal.
At a time when racism and xenophobia are messing up European societies, we are looking for educational alternatives that positively value diversity and we believe that cooking is an attractive and motivating response.

Over 24 months, an analysis of the reality of each country, a collection of recipes from the world, the creation of the didactic units, the test phase, the creation of the visual materials and the adaptation of the same will be carried out. With all this we will have made a single intellectual result consisting of 2 documents: a multimedia book of recipes (student’s book) and a manual for teacher’s support.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: To facilitate literacy and the acquisition of basic skills to immigrant or refugee groups or those seeking asylum or with low levels of qualification or qualification in general, through an attractive, motivating and innovative methodology (learning to cook).
- Improve the quality of adult training programs and the competencies of teachers themselves
- Establish a network of international partners that generate learning spaces through mobility for both teachers and students and improve knowledge of the Erasmus + program
- Fight against the latent racism and xenophobia in our societies, facilitating the processes of social inclusion of minorities as immigrants or refugees and favoring a positive perception of diversity and interculturality.


The project first mobility was held in Spain/Valencia between 21.02.2018 / 23.02.2018. Meliha Doğan, Yıldız Kaburoğlu were participated to meeting. All partners gave small briefing about their organizations. Agenda, Presentations and SWOT analysis conclusion, Presentation of the general idea, Timeline-Deadlines of the project, Internal communication, IO1: Agreements about the distribution of tasks, Template for the recipes (student’s section, Template for the pedagogic tool (teachers’ section), Topics per country, Dissemination and visibility strategy, Evaluation methods, Risk assessment protocol, TPM2 Cham Germany, Paper work and management of project was discussed. Next meeting date was decided. The project logo was decided.







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